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Good morning!

I am Lyndsey, the founder of An Eye For It Consulting & Design!  Yes, it may not be morning but why is it so much more fun to say “Good morning!” than any other greeting?  I never say “Good afternoon!” with as much spunk and enthusiasm!  So “Goooood morning!”    I’m so happy you are here!  If you found me, you must be thinking about building or remodeling!  How exciting!  I started my company because I looooove building, remodeling, designing and working with people.  What a blessing it is to have all my favorite things wrapped into a career that allows my family and I to thrive!    Okay, let’s review.  I started my business because you need more.  You really do.  I’ve helped hundreds (maybe thousands?  Wish I had kept track!) of people like you over the past eight years with their homes, and let me tell you… you need more.    “More what?” you ask?  Well, during the building and remodeling process, you’ll spend time with an architect, your builder, a salesman for windows, a salesman for flooring, another salesman for garage doors, another salesman for moldings, a plumber who’s going to ask you what kind of faucets you want and style of air gap (holy moly, what is an air gap anyway!?)?  Who wants to communicate their vision to 47 people?   Since there’s such a bulk of time spent designing “the heart of the home” (sorry to be so cliche), it becomes a no-brainer to “just ask Lyndsey!” as my clients say!  I love this! And for this reason, I offer you MORE!  I created An Eye For It Consulting & Design to give you this service.   Over the years, I’ve had people approach me late in the game, like when their new house is all framed up and “they need to get cabinets ordered!”  Ahhhh… what?!  I would rush to get them in and it never failed; those people were miserable -  overwhelmed with decisions and the insane pressure to get it all done so the project could move forward!  That is nooooot fun.  Building or remodeling a home is not a luxury everyone is blessed with.  It should be enjoyable!  You should be excited, not stressed and anxious for it to be over.  Let me help you; this should be fun and I will help you make it fun!

Create your dream home!

A room can change the way you feel- It can give you a sense of peace and relaxation especially when built with the upmost thought and detail to design and functionality.

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